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Daniel Craig Ross

Why vote for the Alternative? 

The Democratic and Republican Party are continuously proving to be ineffective at solving the growing issues that they themselves exacerbated through the benign tyranny of career politicians. They are of the same beast, one that maintains control through indirect manipulation, subtle context and training of mind.

To restore the bonds between the NY3, a diverse community social and cultural Peoples, and the corporate Party influences in Federal Washington , I am running for Congress in NY3 with the dedication in upholding the values of the Constitution and the 18 Points of Patriotic Progressivism and the belief in a Patriotic Democracy.

I've always spoken about the dangers that arise from the rigged dual Party system, and the corporate/Federal elites in Party Power have allowed the current tax system to develop into what we have today.


To truly have the change we desperately need and deserve,

#VoteRoss #Ross4Congress2020